Tokerau Beach

Tokerau Beach is the quintessential New Zealand summer beach getaway. On the Karikari peninsula Tokerau Beach is surrounded by batches that appear to be empty most of the year. There is a small township with some shops, but it is clearly all about the beach here.

The day we visited it rained, which provided some great broody beach photos, shown below. But my pic on the peninsula is the Waikato & Matai bays, which are at the end of the Karikari peninsula, featured below is Matai bay where there is a camp ground – perfect for that summer camping beach holiday.

The Karikari peninsula is about 30 minutes from Mangonui, if you are not into beaches, the peninsula also offers a Peppers Resort, Golf course and Karikari Esate Wines vineyard. Note – the vineyard is only open in the summer months, best check online if you are planning a visit, by all accounts from locals it is definitely worth it.

When I visited the area I stayed at Coopers Beach and was treated to some sensational sunsets with the most amazing colours, including perfect pinks that reflected of the beach sand. I am sure that it it this pink that has inspired Dulux Tokerau below.

Tokerau Beach with a rainstorm coming in. Below, just 10 minutes before the rain.

Matai bay, above & below

Tokerau Beach ColourTokerau Beach Rd - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2017-07-11_21-58-51


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