Mechanics Bay


Mechanics Bay is the name of a former bay (now filled in) on the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland. It is also the name used to describe the area of the former bay that is now mainly occupied by commercial and port facilities.

Along the harbour shore between Britomart and St Stephen’s Point in Parnell were four bays; Official Bay, Mechanics Bay, St Georges Bay & Judges Bay (some of these bays have now disappeared due to land reclamation and the quarrying of the bordering headlands).

Closest to Point Britomart was “Official Bay” so-called because most of the Government Officials during the 1840s chose to live there. Almost continuous with Official Bay was Mechanics Bay (so-called because this was where the labour force that the government had brought with it to construct the new Capital were housed). Mechanics Bay contained the mouth of the stream issuing from the Springs in the Domain to the south. The Bay had a broad, flat beach where Māori had long been in the habit of beaching their canoes (waka).

A great place to view the commercial port facility in Auckland is from Mt Victoria in Devonport which is across the harbour, where the photo below was taken.

Mechanics Bay 1

Mechanics Bay ColourMechanics bay - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2017-06-19_20-20-00


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