Waikanae is a beach side community about an hour north of Wellington on the Kapati coast. Being a sleepy seaside town Waikanae is a great place for a quiet weekend getaway. Having said that, there is still plenty to see and do, if you have the inclination.

Start the day with breakfast at one of the 3 cafes along the beach. Waimea, Long beach & The Front Room. My personal pick is The Front Room, which is a cafe that serves great coffee and some of the best bacon I have had served to me in New Zealand. After breakfast a walk along the beach is almost mandatory, and it will help you work off the bacon!

A couple of doors down from The Front Room cafe is the Tutere Gallery & Art Space that features arts from local and regional artists. We got talking with the owner and found she had relocated from Australia after marrying her kiwi husband. In her words, “there are worse places to be”.

Waikanae, as is most of the Kapati Coast, is a bit of an artists hub. The region boasts potters, painters, poets and writers. Another favorite spot is the Reikorangi Potters Park & Cafe, a little off track about 10 minutes east of Waikanae town towards the mountains. Here you will find a eccentric couple of potters from way back who also run a cafe. Be warned, it is very rustic, if this does not appeal you may want to stay away. If the weather is cold and rainy however, these guys serve a mean soup! Just the right thing for a cold winters day!

The dinning room at the Reikorangi Potters Cafe

The entrance to the Tutere Gallery at Waikanae Beach.

Waikanae Colour

Waikanae - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2017-05-21_20-49-16


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