Whakapapa is a ski resort in the Tongariro national park. The Whakapapa village also serves as the main information centre for the ski fields. It is popular from June – October for skiing, and at all other times of the year for tramping (treking).

Whakapapa is, however, primarily, the fundamental principle that permeates all Maori culture. It is in fact a paradigm of cultural discourse and provides the basis for establishing, enhancing, and even challenging relationships between individuals, whanau (families) & Iwi (tribes). Whakapapa implies a deep connection to the land and the root’s of ones ancestry.

You get a real sense of the age of the land here. I am not from this place, however it is hard not to feel a connection to the ancient volcanic landscape.

Dulux Whakapapa reflects the colour of the volcanic stone that litters the slopes of the mountain.

Whakapapa colourWhakapapa - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2017-04-17_17-37-49


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