Snells Beach


Snells Beach is a coastal town about 8km east of Warkworth. Being only about an hour drive north of Auckland it is a popular spot for weekend getaways.

By far my favorite thing to do in Snells Beach is to visit the Brick Bay Sculpture trail. It is located in the Brick Bay vineyard, and features over 40 sculptures. Some are pictured below. The collection is ever changing as the pieces are for sale, so as they are sold they are replaced.

There is also a great cafe on site, perfect for lunch, and wine tasting. A good tip is that when you do enjoy food at the cafe you will be rewarded with a reduced entry fee for the sculpture park.

The sculpture trail takes about 2 hours to get through, so with lunch & travel to and from its an easy day trip from Auckland. For art lovers this is a must see!!

Snells Beach 1Snells Beach 2Snells Beach 4Snells Beach 5

Snells Beach ColourSnells Beach - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-04-30_15-24-36


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