Ruawai is a small township located 30 km south of Dargaville. The name literally translated from Maori means ‘two waters’ referring to the nearby Wairoa River and Kaipara Harbour. The township primarily serves the outlying farming area which consists mainly of cattle farming and kumara growing and the town declared itself as the Kumara capital of the world. This claim has also been made by Dargaville. As an Australian in New Zealand – I will let them fight it out!

On the way to Ruawai stop in at Pahi. it’s not a Dulux colour of New Zealand but it’s worth the stop. It is literally not more than a pub, a pier surrounded by a few houses. It also boasts one of the largest morton bay fig trees in New Zealand. A great spot to stop for a break by the river.

Pahi 1Pahi 2

Ruawai colourRuawai - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2017-04-02_21-04-48


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