Hawkes Bay

The east coast of the north island is dominated by the Hawkes Bay region. It is world famous as a renowned wine region, and was named by Captain Cook during his voyage to the region. There are approximately 75 vineyards in the region, making it hugely popular for tourists and locals alike who are seeking a good vintage. Some you may have heard of include, Church Road, Trinity Hill, Elephant Hill and Clearview.

It is sometimes not socially acceptable, however I am a bit of a Chardonnay man as I like the more full bodied flavour, as opposed to some other varieties. If you do enjoy a “Chardie” I can highly recommend the Hawkes Bay region – the Church Rd one is a personal favourite. Some others that aare re dfinately worth as visit are Trinity Hill and Elephant Hill (pictured below). 

The main centres are Hastings and Napier. Napier itself is famous for the art deco architecture of the town centre, which was rebuilt after an earthquake in the 1930’s.

I first visited the Hawkes Bay for work, so did not have much time to explore, however I have vowed to return this summer to sample everything it has to offer. I will update this post at that time.

The green of Dulux Hawkes Bay is inspired by the patchwork of agricultural land viewable from the air as you fly into Napier airport.


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