Titirangi is a small town on the outskirts of Auckland in the Waitakere mountains. In Moari, Titirangi means “long streaks of cloud in the sky” which would have meaning for anyone living in Auckland, as you can look out to the Waitakere ranges and normally see a stretch of clouds over them.

Titirangi has had a long tradition for bohemianism. A number of well known New Zealand musicians, artists, writers, painters and potters live or have lived in the area. The most famous of these probably is Tim Finn who wrote the song “I hope I never” in Titirangi.

The Te Uru Contemporary Art Gallery is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area and features works from local and New Zealand artists. A personal favourite of mine is the Deco cafe, which is next door to the gallery. Deco has a great breakfast & lunch menu with a Greek & Turkish twist. One of my favourite things to do is get up early on a Sunday morning and head up to Deco for breakfast, before checking out the latest exhibitions at Te Uru. There is always something new to see, in fact the design of the building itself is worth the trip. My recommendation is to definitely head to the top floor and enjoy the views out over the Waitakere ranges.

Titirangi is on the way from Auckland to the West Coast beaches, such as Piha. There are also a range of treks all over the Waitakere ranges, from short treks done in an hour to ones that take the day.

Deco is on the ground floor of the heritage building above.

The curved staircase inside Te Uru.


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