Piha is a beach and coastal settlement about 45 minutes from Auckland city. It is a popular weekend spot for Aucklanders at all times of the year. It is also the location for the reality TV show Piha Rescue and the Australian Tv drama 800 Words.

Piha is a black sand beach, which is a novelty if you are Australian like me. It is the perfect spot to kick back and relax. Whenever I visit I always remind myself that I need to spend more time here!

While, like most of New Zealand, Piha is stunningly beautiful, the beach itself can be quite rough for those not used to swimming in the surf. Very popular with surfers, it is not the best beach if you are looking for a quiet dip.

Piha is very easy to identify by the large monolith in the center of the beach. Lion Rock is an awesome landmark that from some angles looks like a lion on its haunches. Piha is a must see for anyone visiting Auckland.

Dulux Piha is inspired by the black sand of the beach.

P1060896P1060908P1060910PihaPiha - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-01-28_09-11-00


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