Lake Pukaki


Lake Pukaki is the largest of the lakes that are located in the Mackenzie basin in the south island, the others being Tekapo & Ohau. The glacial feed to the lakes gives them a distinctive blue colour, created by glacial, the extremely finely ground rock particles from the glaciers. Lake Pukaki covers an area of 178.7 km², and the surface elevation of the lake normally ranges from 518.2 to 532 metres above sea level.

I was told that the lakes in the Mackenzie basin were all distinctly different colours, due to the type of rock that makes up the glacial flour that flows into the lakes, but I don’t think that the difference would be so marked. We drove right along the western shore of Pukaki on our way to Aoraki. On a clear day you can see Aoraki while driving along Lake Pukaki however, our view was obscured by cloud the day we were there.

Lake Pakiri 1Lake PakiriLake Pukaki colourLake Pukaki - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-06-27_17-49-45


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