Lake Benmore is located in the South Island. It was artificially created in the 1960s by construction of Benmore Dam. The lake covers an area of approximately 75 km². Parts of it lie in the Mackenzie, Waimate, and Waitaki districts within the southern portion of the Canterbury region.

Interestingly, after the lake was created the incidence of seismic shocks increased by a factor of three to six times!!

My partner and I stopped at Lake Benmore really only to take some photos, while en route from Omarama through to Kurow. The first picture was taken while there was a heavy fog and amazingly after turning a bend or two in the road the fog had lifted to reveal the second photo for us. The mountainous terrain creates pockets where the conditions can be completely different. Meaning you literally don’t know what is round the next corner!!!

Benmore 1Benmore 2Benmore colourBenmore - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-06-28_19-41-14


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