Matakana is a small town, about an hour north of Auckland just outside of Warkworth. It is a popular spot to get away from Auckland for the day as it is full of trendy cafes & restaurants, art stores, cinema and also the Matakana Farmers Market which is held every Saturday from 9-2pm. The surrounding area is also littered with vineyards and artist studios.

While the town has alot to offer, I would recommend getting out and exploring the surrounding region, as I found it just a little on the touristy side. If this is what you are after then it is great!

Morris & James is a pottery studio just outside of Matakana. The grounds are stunning, and there is a very cute cafe where you can get coffee & brunch or lunch. It is also a working pottery studio, where there is a huge amount of product to see and buy. At 11.30am each morning there is also a free guided tour of the site, demonstrating the pottery process. While the pottery was not to my taste, I did enjoy visiting the site and the cafe was great!

I cannot decide whether the Dulux colour Matakana is influenced by the colour of some of the pottery from the region or the pino noir from some of the vineyards…… I think it’s definitely the pino!

Overall, I would recommend visiting other towns on the Tawharanui Peninsula such as Pakiri or Leigh.

Matakana 2

Matakana colourMatakana - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-06-05_18-43-46


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