One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is one of the many volcanoes that are in the Auckland region. It is also the name of the suburb at the base of the mountain. One Tree Hill is second only to Rangitoto in size in the Auckland cluster of volcanoes.

As with most of the mountains in the region, One Tree Hill, was used as a Pa (fort) by Maori tribes, its slopes making the perfect place to mount defensive palisades. At the time of European settlement, a single tree stood near the peak of the hill, giving the hill it’s European name. This tree was cut down, probably for fire wood, in what has become referred to as an act on vandalism.

On the summit of the hill is an obelisk, a memorial to Maori. Before the obelisk stands a bronze statue of a Māori warrior. The stone obelisk was designed by Richard Atkinson Abbot and completed in 1940, but the unveiling of the obelisk was delayed until after World War II on 24 April 1948. This was in keeping with Māori custom of not holding such ceremonies during a time of bloodshed.

One Tree Hill remains an important place for all New Zealanders. On fine weekends you will find families picnicking in the surrounding parkland and climbing to the peak to take in the views over Auckland city and harbour.


P1050800.JPGone tree hill colourOne Tree Hill - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-05-22_21-27-40


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