Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a significant mountain & volcano in Auckland, one of the many mountain / volcanoes that litter the city. In fact, there are about 50 volcanoes that Auckland is built on, of these Mount Eden is the closest to the city at 2.5 kilometers away. At the base of the mountain is the affluent suburb also called Mount Eden.

AucklandMapHochstetter1859 - Auckland volcanic field - Wikipedia, the free encyc_2016-05-22_19-08-26
This is a historic map of the volcanic field that Auckland city co-exists with. The most recent eruption was Rangitoto about 600 years ago.
While, this is not a Dulux colour of New Zealand, I believe it should be. Mt Eden road is packed with bars, cafes and restaurants and the climb up Mount Eden is one of the most popular things to do when visiting Auckland. Many tourists take the option of busing up to the peak, but I guarantee the walk is definitely worth while.

A personal favourite breakfast spot for me is the cafe Circus Circus. As the name suggests, It has a circus theme with lots of memorabilia and relics. The food is good, and the atmosphere a lot of fun. 

The summit is perfect for a picnic and offers stunning views of the city and harbour beyond. The other great thing about Mount Eden is the almost perfectly formed crater that is at the peak, a reminder of natures power that Auckland is built on.

Mount Eden has always been central to life in Auckland, whether used as a Pa by Maori tribes, as recently as 1700 AD, to now as a meeting place for locals, or a physical challenge on a Saturday morning before a well earned breakfast at one of the cafes down from the peak. Definitely worth the visit!!

The crater of Mount Eden – photo taken in December 2015.

The crater and city beyond – Picture taken in February 2016. Much greener after some rain!!
IMG_0201Mount Eden Domain - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-05-22_15-42-44


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