Remuera is a suburb of Auckland about 4 kilometers from the city. It is one of the oldest, and most affluent suburbs, in the city. Remuera has a shopping strip which is littered with boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. Because of its location to Auckland harbour, many of the streets have stunning views over the surrounds.

Some of the best views are from Mount Hobson. Officially called Ōhinerau, European settlers named it after Captain William Hobson (the first Governor of New Zealand and co-author of the Treaty of Waitangi).

Ōhinerau has been altered from it’s natural form many times first by the Maori, when it was used as a Pa, a Maori term that refers to a fortified settlements (normally on a hill). A Pa would boast fortified palisades and terraces. They were primarily used on the North Island, north of Taupo.

After European settlement it was used as a quarry, a pasture and also having a water tank installed in it’s cone. Today you can walk around the pathways that snake around the mountain and enjoy the views over Auckland city and harbour out to Rangitoto.

Mount Hobson is a great spot to watch the sun go down over the Auckland skyline.
The view from Mount Hobson out to Devonport and Rangitoto.

Remuera colourRemuera - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-04-30_17-57-11


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