Cuba Street

Cuba Street is one of the most prominent streets in Wellington. Whether you are looking to do some shopping, eat out or just hang out this is where the most trendy Wellingtonians do it. It was named after one of the earliest settler ships to arrive in New Zealand (in 1840), Cuba Street was also the main route for Wellington trams before they were decommissioned.

Any trip to Wellington is not complete without a walk down Cuba Street, there is always something going on. A couple of restaurants I would recommend on the strip are Logan Brown for finer dining and for more casual dining Olive offers a great menu in a comfortable setting.

Cuba Street is the centre for many of Wellington’s festivals that occur throughout the year. We recently were in town during Cuba Dupa which is a new festival which seemed to just be about being out in Cuba Street and enjoying all aspects of life.

Cuba Dupa!

Street theater on a Friday evening.
The interior of Logan Brown.

Cuba St colourCuba St - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-04-30_22-05-25

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