Colombo Street


Colombo Street is one of the main streets of Christchurch CBD and was one of the first streets in the city. Like many other streets in the central CBD area it was named after another colonial city in the British Empire, Colombo in Sri Lanka.

Colombo Street has been affected by two of New Zealand’s worst disasters. Firstly in November 1947, 41 people were killed in a fire that engulfed the Ballentyne’s Department store on the street. Then in 2010 & 2011, the Christchurch earthquakes damaged or destroyed many historic buildings on the street.

colombo street christchurch - Google Search - Google Chrome_2016-04-17_21-13-50
Street art depicting Constable Nao Yoshimizu comforting the grieving relative of an earthquake victim – 817 Colombo Street.

Colombo Street ColourColombo St - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-04-13_21-01-11


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