Sumner is a coastal seaside suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand and was surveyed and named in 1849 in honour of John Bird Sumner, the then newly appointed Archbishop of Cantebury. Originally a separate borough, it was amalgamated with the city of Christchurch as communications improved and the economies of scale made small town boroughs uneconomic to operate.

The Esplanade and beach are popular spots for locals and people from all over Christchurch. Its a great spot for a walk to take in the views.

Sumner became notorious in February 2016 when am earthquake caused parts of the cliffs that line the road to the town to collapse. There are still containers in place to protect motorists from any further falling debris.

IMG_1169Sumner - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-04-13_20-59-30sumner colour


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