Queen St


Queen St is the backbone of Auckland city, linking the thriving Port to Karangahape Rd. Queen St evolves as you walk down it, I recommend starting at K Road so you can walk downhill. At the top end there are outstanding Japanese shops and restaurants such as The Cave, which offers tapas style Japanese BBQ. Then you pass Q theater, Aotea Square and the Aotea Center  which are the center of many of the festivals, such as Pride and the Auckland festival, held in Auckland.

Then onto the Victoria st intersection, where you can walk up to the Sky City Casino & Sky Tower, which offers sensational views of the city and surrounding suburbs. From here you are in the middle of the central Auckland shopping district, where you will find all the major brands.

Continuing down Queen St you soon hit Customs St, where you can turn right and enter Britomart or straight on for the port where you can get a ferry to the North Shore or Waiheke Island.

Queen St always has something new to offer and is a must visit for anyone visiting.

IMG_3745IMG_3744IMG_3761Queen StQueen St - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-03-19_20-25-43


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