Britomart is the recently redeveloped waterfront precinct of Auckland CBD. It is where modern architecture and heritage buildings stand next to one another and seamlessly work. It all creates an instantly welcoming environment for both Auckland locals and visitors to the city.

There is an eclectic mix of retail shopping, bars, restaurants and businesses which means that at anytime of the day or night there is something going on at Britomart. The city’s main train station is also very conveniently located beneath the precinct meaning you can access Britomart very easily.

One of my favorite spots in Britomart is Cafe Hanoi, a Vietnamese restaurant where you can get excellent food in a relaxed casual atmosphere. You cannot book at Cafe Hanoi, I recommend leaving your name at the door then visiting Xuxu Dumpling bar just opposite for pre-dinner drinks and some delicious dumplings. Truly a great night out!


cafe hanoiBritomart colourBritomart Pl - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-03-19_20-28-28


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