Hahei is hands down my favourite beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. We drove from Coromandel Town on a Sunday morning over the range and arrived mid morning to be greeted by a scene that is reminiscent of a Thai beach that what I expected to see in New Zealand. White sands, blue water, small island outcroppings in the water with occasional stand up paddle boarders and kayaks paddling by made for the perfect beach setting.

FullSizeRender HaheiIMG_0583

The water was refreshing and not nearly as crowded at the popular Hot Water Beach, which is only 10 minutes away. The foreshore is lined with beach houses (Bachs) that would be a perfect setting for a summer beach holiday. We are already planning a beach holiday here next summer!

Dulux Hahei is a perfect blue to bring back memories of beach holidays!


What completed the package for me with Hahei was the Hahei Beach Café, which serves great coffee, the best home baked muffins I have tasted in NZ, and great lunch fare.

Colour Wall - Internet Explorer_2016-02-21_17-45-04Hahei - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-02-21_17-45-56


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