Grey Lynn

Grey Lynn is an inner suburb in Auckland e kilometres west of the CBD. It is centred around the popular Grey Lynn Park. The park itself was never built on as the land was too steep and wet. In 1914 it was drained and developed into playing fields. The park is home to the annual Grey Lynn Festival in November.

I love Grey Lynn for the eclectic mix of people that occupy it. There is a great variety of cafés, shops & galleries. My personal favourite café is Crumb, a casual café with bean bags out the front, located on Crummer Rd in Grey Lynn. It is the perfect spot to grab a coffee and some lunch and relax.

Living in the area it is great to have the opportunity to explore all of the streets. The old bungalows are beautiful, and some of the restorations & extensions are spectacular. I think many of these have now been painted with Dulux Grey Lynn as greys are very popular currently.

Grey Lynn is also very handily situated in close proximity to the Ponsonby Rd shopping and restaurant strip. Traditionally inhabited by the arty and anti-establishment, Grey Lynn is populated with street art that adds to it’s urban edge and constantly changing character.

Sunset over Grey Lynn.

Grey LynnGrey Lynn - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-02-16_21-42-18



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