Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay is located just a short 10 minute drive from Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, and near the Wellington Airport. The bay is a popular surf beach, featuring a breakwater at the eastern end. It has also been the site of surf lifesaving championships, and is home to two surf lifesaving clubs. The beach is only two thirds of its original size as  the construction of the Wellington International Airport took away the eastern third of the beach.

For me Lyall Bay means the Spruce Goose Café and, if you are a plane spotter, easily the best place to enjoy a coffee and while away some time watching the planes come into land at the airport. Positioned literally on the runway, the Spruce Goose Café is a great place to do this. I am by no means a plane spotter, but I do enjoy a good coffee and breakfast with a view.

Wellington is famous for its high winds and therefore the Airport is famous for some hair raising approaches and landings.

The blue of Dulux Lyall Bay is representative of the blue waters of the bay.

Spruce Goose - Spruce Goose - Internet Explorer_2015-12-25_23-50-56
The Spruce Goose Café on the foreshore of Lyall Bay.


Lyall Bay
A plane on approach at Wellington Airport.

Lyall Day colour


Spruce Goose - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2015-12-25_23-48-34


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