Waitara Beach


While driving south from Aukland to Taranaki this Australian, who has only ever grown up with white sand beaches, had my first real encounter with the famous black sand beaches of New Zealand. This was at Waitara Beach. Forgetting our year 7 science, we completely forgot that darker colours generally attract heat, therefore the beach sand was extremely hot. Having walked down to the beach in thongs with our dog it was literally moments before we were all racing to the water to cool our slightly singed feet & paws in the case of our dog.

I encourage anyone visiting New Zealand to visit a black sand beach for a slightly surreal experience you will never forget.

Dulux Waitara Beach is inspired by the the black sand of the beach.

Waitara BeachWaitara Beach Bed & Breakfast - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2016-03-14_13-22-43


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