Stony River

While visiting the New Plymouth region of New Zealand, we took time out to circumnavigate Mt Taranaki to view from as many places as possible. It truly is an awesome sight. Having made our way around the mountain, about 3/4 of the way we came to Stony River. Following the signs from the highway, the Stony River Walkway is just a few minutes from the main road.

The Walkway is actually a narrow footbridge that crosses the river. The bridge wobbles, shakes and moves from side to side – which once you get used to it is quite fun. It takes just a couple of minutes to cross, but it does offer great views of this unique river whose stones have inspired the Dulux Stony River colour. A great spot to stop off for a quick selfie!!

IMG_0366IMG_0369Stony River

Stony River Half

Stony River Hotel - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-01-31_16-39-37


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