Piha & Lion Rock

Dulux Piha is inspired by the black sand of Piha Beach, which is just a short 45 minute drive from Auckland city. If you are from Australia, like myself, the black sand of some of the New Zealand beaches is quite a novelty. Piha is also the location of a small population, and is extremely popular for Aucklanders to retreat to for the weekend.

Lion Rock is the large volcanic formation that separates North & South Piha. It is named Lion Rock as from some aspects it looks like a male lion laying down. Lion Rock is an icon in its own right having been featured on New Zealand postage stamps. Lion Rock is incredibly imposing when standing at it’s base.

Piha & Lion Rock are a must see for anyone visiting the Auckland region.



Lion Rock

Piha - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-01-28_09-11-00


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