The Domain

The Domain sits in between Auckland CBD and the popular suburb of Parnell, where the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Auckland residence is. The Domain is a beautiful green space that contains many gardens, lawns & is overlooked by the imposing Auckland War Memorial and Museum.

As I live in Auckland I have already visited the site several times, to mark the recent terror attacks in Paris when the building was lit up in red, white & blue and more recently to visit the Exhibition to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Air New Zealand. It is a wonderful space where people can hang out and have a picnic or enjoy other pastimes. I have seen people doing everything from practicing archery to a full orchestra going through a set.

The Wintergarden Pavilion, the inside of which is pictured below, is a truly otherworldly place to visit. It consists of two glasshouse pavilions with a statue garden in between. It was constructed just after the First World War, when the population of New Zealand was approximately 800,000. Interestingly, over 1 million visitors visited the garden in its first year. Even today, you feel like you are stepping back in time as you go through the pavilions.

The Wintergarden cafe is the perfect spot to rest and enjoy breakfast, lunch or a coffee as you explore the gardens. It is situated on the lakes on the Domain Drive. The lakes themselves provide a sanctuary for bird life, including ducks (pictured below).

If you are visiting Auckland and staying in the CBD The Domain is a short walk just across the Grafton Bridge.



The pink of the Dulux The Domain colour can only be inspired by the flowers in the many gardens dotted around the grounds.

The Domain


Auckland Domain - Google Maps - Internet Explorer_2016-01-25_11-43-29


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