Takapuna Beach

As my first post on this blog The Colours of New Zealand, I thought I should give an explanation of what I am doing. I have just relocated from Australia to New Zealand and upon arriving I have noticed that Dulux have named all the colours on their paint colour walls after places across the country. I thought this would be a great challenge to undertake;

To visit every colour on the Dulux colour wall – all 900 of them.

So please follow me as I undertake this task. All photography will be my own. As I am new to this wonderful country I am keen for any advice on places to visit. I hope you enjoy.

And so my first post….

Just a short drive north of Auckland city, over the bridge, onto the north shore is Takapuna Beach. The day I was there the World Championship Sailing was being held, so it was great to enjoy breakfast with friends at the Takapuna Beach café and watch the action out on the water.

A lot of Aucklanders warn newcomers about the perils of heading ‘across the bridge’ with stories of 90 minute traffic delays and the like. But for the brave, the rewards are worth it, with stunning views back towards Auckland city, beaches and a more relaxed pace. Definitely worth the trip.

The Takapuna beach cafe is worth a visit also, for coffee, lunch or just grab an ice cream and wander along the beach. During low tide, you can walk from Takapuna  beach right the way round to Devonport on the beach. This is best done during summer!

Dulux Takapuna Beach is inspired by the fiery sunrise you can see over Rangitoto.

Takapuna Beach.
Rangitoto as seen from Takapuna.


Takapuna Beach

takapuna beach - Google Maps



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